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    Adobe Sketch and Draw files won't transfer to iMac


      I used to be able to send files from Adobe Sketch and Draw apps to Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC. After a week it stopped working and I now receive an error message on my iMac saying "Unable to open file. Please try sending it from your device again." When sending files from the iPad Pro they were marked as sent but then a minute later I recieve the error message on my computer.


      I've tried signing out of all apps as well as CC and signing back in, updating all software, quitting apps and applications, and restarting both my computer and my iPad. I AM able to save to my CC folder and access from both my iPad and computer, but cannot send workable files from the apps on my iPad to the software on my computer. I have also confirmed that I am signed in to the apps and CC with the same user name and password. In addition, my computer and ipad have the same time.


      Any suggestions are much appreciated! I'm down to the wire with urgent deadlines and have been trying to solve this for two weeks and cannot find a solution.