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    Most useful way to load a document generated by 3rd-party tool?

    Jens Troeger Level 1



      Currently, InCopy ICML is the file format that Bookalope supports as an export format for InDesign. However, a closer integration with InDesign would be great and we are now looking into two different options.


      1. Generate an InDesign IDML file straight out of the box. This would have the advantage that the user can just open that file and continue working.
      2. Generate a Javascript script which, when run, creates a new InDesign document and...
        1. Populates its entire content.
        2. Loads a second generated XML file (possibly DocBook) into that new document.


      Each option has its pros and cons. What, in your experience, would be the most useful and desirable option from a user's perspective? Is running a script too cumbersome? Is XML access secondary?



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          vinothr Level 3

          IDML option seems better. If you already have your publication content in XML then just apply XSLT to it and generate the IDML. As you already use IDML approach for ICML generation, this would be a consistent approach.


          With Javascript, one main disadvantage is that you are limited by the API exposed by DOM. For scenarios that you could not handle in javascript, it could be a problem for you. Otherwise depending on your use case you are the best to choose from the options. Many publishers are already embracing the IDML approach to have a finer control. In my opinion, IDML option would be better in the long run.