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    Configuration error (Error: 213:5)


      I own a 13" MacBook Pro, I recently updated my hard drive to a SSD and updated the OS to El Captain.  And now I am unable to open any of my adobe apps.  I've googled and tried out many different fixes including the SLStore folder permissions (NOTE: I have an SLStore folder and a SLStore_v1 folder, if this is anything), restarted my computer over 5 times, I removed the programs and reinstalled them, deactivated them under my account and I am still unable to launch them.


      The error I get reads:


      Configuration error


      A problem has occured with the licensing of this product. Restart your computer and re-launch the product.


      If this problem still occurs after restarting, contact Customer Support for further assistance, and mention the error code shown at the bottom of this screen.


      Error: 213:5



      Please help, I have numerous projects on hold as of right now.