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    Hide all elements

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      I am currently working on an app in Edge Animate, an app with several dozens of layers with buttons, videos and pictures. The idea is that you can move from almost each point in the app to another point, but to achieve that effect, I have been writing several long lines  of sym.$("loads of things").hide(); and sym.$("thing I wan't to show").show();. I was just wondering if there was a much easier way to just say: hide all elements (all the layers) and show one specific element or layer.


      I have been searching for an answer to this question on the forum for a while now. But can't seem to find an answer that works...


      Somewhere I read that using the sym.$("video").hide(); makes all the videos in your composition hide, but it doesn't seem to work.


      what I tried was sym.$("video").hide();



                                 sym.$("thing I wan't to show").show();


      but didn't work. To be honest I'm not super good at writing my own code, so the answer might be super obvious. I just haven't been able to find it yet, and your help would be so much appreciated.

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          Well I think I just figured it out from reading more posts. If I add one class name "everything" to all my elements I can just say: (".everything").hide(). It does seem to just work... Will test further and if proven that it works I will mark this as correct.