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    Keyboard Shortcuts not Working upon opening a Saved file

    Russell PROCOPY Level 1

      Hello All


      Another Weird one here. I have just recently run into an issue where when I go back and open a save indesign file the shortcut ctrl+p as well as several other ctrl based short cuts including zooming in and out on a spread (ctrl+, ctrl- or ctrl+0) do not work. Here is the weird part, if I drop in a text box it brings back my ability to use all the other ctrl shortcuts but only for that open file instance. The moment I close the file and open another saved file or open the same file again the same issue occurs. Note though, if I do not have a file open all the ctrl shorcuts work that apply such as opening a new file (ctrl+n). Also when working from a brand new file all ctrl shortcuts work. It is only when I open a previously saved file that this issue works.


      Is anyone else having this issue?


      Is there a fix?





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