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    Question Regarding Calendar Printing on 11x17 Saddle Stitch (8.5x11)

    Petroph Level 1

      Ok, I have a dilemma, and Im not exactly sure how to go about correcting this issue. I am trying to print a calendar on an 11x17 and get it saddle stitched. So once its all completed its a 8.5x11 once its folded. So when I open it, for example Photo will be on top page, month on bottom page, etc. However, upon testing to print it out, I noticed that I am unable to achieve said goal. If I set it up, in the printing options, to landscape or portrait, no matter what I do, the pages remain side by side. I cannot get them to be one on top of another. Please see photos for both landscape and Portrait setups in the print options.





      Problem 2.png


      So the landscape option is what I want, however, the pages themselves are set to portrait. The 11x17 should be portrait, but the pages themselves should be landscape. Is there something I can do to correct this issue?


      Many thanks in advanced.


      The final piece I would like the layout to be something like this: