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    How many websites use flash?

      The company I work for (Just Search Ltd) is presenting a seminar at Ad:Tech London this september, the seminar is titled 'Flash: Acessibility Within Natural Search'.

      For the seminar I would like to be able to give a gustimate of what percentage of websites utilise flash.

      Does anyone know of a survey or even better the result?

      It will be of great help!
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          alanwallace4 Level 1
          I dont know of any details but if i was in a similar position i would just do a bit of my own research by going to some kind of sirectory and selecting 100 random sites and make a note of wether they use flash or not.
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            Dunc@justsearch Level 1
            Hi Alan, yes we thought about auditing our clients sites, we are an seo company with a substantial database of clients.

            I was just looking for less time consuming way of finding out, I contacted Adobe for the figures and they said ask here
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              2m Level 2
              (I really like the way adobe deals with it's customers sometimes :-) )

              I think there are some very interessting side-tracks to your question.

              What about sites that use flash-banners/adds, do you count them?

              What about sites that offers alternative content (transparently) for users without (the right version of) flash?

              How dou you count/weight sites at all (one domain one site, what about subsites or is yahoo and my sons homepage equally weighted).

              Im putting those questions here, not because I have answers (sorry) but I really thing that your question is very interessting and I would be very interessted how you solve the thing.

              Please keep us informed.

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                Using googlefight.com

                Results for <body 1,380,000,000
                Results for .swf 96,600,000
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                  2m Level 2
                  Interssting apporach I thought about something like that, but as the google-bot isn't parsing javascript you miss all those sites that do detection that way (including active-content eolas update) don't you.

                  But even if so, the number of less than 1% seems quite low considering the amount of flash ads out there...
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                    Dunc@justsearch Level 1
                    I would count all aspects of flash be it a full site or just a banner.

                    By site i would mean a domain or sub-domain which hosts a live website. For instance I would count MySpace as one site, even though there are around 60-80Million unique pages (the majority of which contain flash).

                    Although the results will be be a guesstimate this way, that is all I require. To get a true figure would takes months possibly years of research!

                    Pete Hughes:
                    Thanks for that, but like 2m then goes onto say any site using JavaScript to call a flash function will not be counted, and a lot of people use JavaScript, especially now with IE!

                    Also that work around is the total number of pages in Google im intersted in sites, but thanks for your thoughts, they are appreciated