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    Windows 8.1 - Internal Error


      I am trying to run a script furnished by LRTimelapse 4.6 - I continue to get the following message:


      An internal error has occurred - Cannot create the required folder C:\Users\[My_User_Name]\Application Data\Adobe


      There is no folder C:\Users\[My_User_Name]\Application Data\ - There IS an AppData folder which research leads me to believe is the same thing. Also, there are sub-folders to that - Local and Roaming, and in the Roaming folder is where Adobe is installed.


      Lightroom is installed only in the C:\Users\[My_User_Name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\ folder.


      I have checked permissions on the Adobe folder and I have all of the rights.

      I do notice that the folder is marked as partially Read-Only and when I un-tick and apply that it reverts back to partially Read Only.


      I am using:

      Windows 8.1

      LR and PS CC - latest versions