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    Can't Cancel my plan

    funkytwig Level 1

      Went to Cancel your Adobe Creative Cloud membership but it is wrong/out of date.  My last payment was on 17 May so my plan is current but I do not need to use Adobe products for a couple of months.   For some reason even through I paid 6 days ago I get a message


      'Oh no! There's a problem with your recent payment. Update payment details for uninterrupted service.'


      Not sure why as I paid a week ago.  Anyway no big deal.  What is a big deal is there is no option to cancel (or pause) the plan.  It simply is not there even thought the help doc above says it is.


      There is something else that is a little odd.  The plan is called '

      Creative Cloud single-app membership for Adobe Premiere Pro (one-year)

      And this is defiantly not what I signed up for as I knew I would have months when I did not need CC. There was a deal if you signed up for a year and I did not take it.  The price I pay is £17.15.


      How do I unravel this mess?