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    Mac Pro or move to PC

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      I use a Macbook Pro 13" with an external thunderbolt HD and I find that after a while editing even short clips can become a tedious experience. Since we are a Mac based Studio it's going to be hard to move to a PC but since Apple doesn't offer a real Pro grade desktop computer like they used to, setting up a PC might be my only option.

      Before 'sorernding' to a Windows (cough) machine does anyone here use Mac Pro (trash can) for video editing/ after effect/ sound? or is it a waste of money?




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          RjL190365 Level 5



          There have been quite a few issues between the Adobe Premiere MPE OpenCL GPU acceleration and the dual AMD FirePro D-series GPUs used in the Mac Pro that cannot be upgraded or changed at all. What's more wasteful is that the Mac Pro is still saddled with last-generation hardware (the use of a Sandy Bridge-E or Ivy Bridge-E CPU platform with DDR3 RAM instead of the newer Haswell-E platform with DDR4 RAM), plus the use of only a single CPU that's usually clocked at relatively low speeds that cannot be upgraded at all to a dual-CPU configuration or a higher-clocked CPU - all at a price that's much higher than the Windows PC competition.



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            siteminderUX Level 1

            Thanks Randall for the info. If PC's would have not run on Windows I would move tomorrow. I just think that Apple decided to ditch the pro audio/ video segment in pursue for easy i$$.

            Ho well.

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              JFPhoton Level 3

              Considering that the release of the new Broadwell E Intel i7 CPU is just around the corner, along with the new "Pascal" NVidia GPUs, it is hard to see why anyone buying a new computer for video editing would go to the inferior Mac platform.


              The performance gap will be substantial  the second that new hardare becomes available. 


              The ideal rig would be using the flagship Broadwell E 6950X CPU, overclocked, on the X99 board with a Pascal GPU, ( hopefully a 1080ti version comes out, 128 GB of DDR 4 memory and Samsung 950 Pro PCI SSDs for storage !!


              Versus the Mac....it would be like a Ferrari against my old lawn tractor !

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                siteminderUX Level 1

                Thanks. makes sense and validates my point that Apple is loosing it's professional market share. Probably intentionally. I guess I will have to suffer with Windows UI.

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                  dylman3000 Level 1

                  I have the 3.5 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5 trash can Mac Pro with 32GB of RAM for high end photoshop retouching and I feel somewhat down by it. I'd dread having to make the decision you're trying to make, as far as bang for your buck goes, the Mac Pro in my opinion is simply not worth it, even though I still believe it is the best mac in the market. This video is a good analogy of the Mac vs PC differences: Lamborghini vs FARM TRUCK DRAG RACE ( STREET OUTLAWS ) - YouTube

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                    siteminderUX Level 1

                    Your analogy doesn't make sense except if you're referring to a Mac as being a farm truck. -)

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                      RjL190365 Level 5

                      I wouldn't quite put the Mac Pro that low (farm truck). Rather, it's more like a newer Ferrari versus an old BMW in terms of performance. To put things in perspective, the laptop that I'm posting from is the farm tractor, while the mini-ITX PC that I built three weeks ago is like a Camry. My main PC sits somewhere between a Camry and a BMW.

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                        Well it is a rough analogy, I was simply referring to the years of refinement, research and development, not to mention the stunning design of a Mac VS well applied tech thrown into an ugly rust bucket with software (the driver) suited to the hardware. --The video was more for a bit of entertainment.

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                          siteminderUX Level 1

                          I guess I prefer slower performance and better working/ looking OS than a quicker DIY box with a **** OS and no vision.

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                            dylman3000 Level 1

                            Exactly, one inspires creativity and the other doesn't. If you need serious video editing performance, unfortunately you're going to need to resort to the ****box or perhaps transition to Apple's Final Cut Pro X.


                            Actually I'd be keen to see a performance comparison of similar tasks done using Adobe's Premier on a high powered PC box VS Apple's Final Cut Pro X on a Mac Pro. There has got to be a reason why Apple think their Mac Pro is good enough.

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                              siteminderUX Level 1

                              Apple's Mac Pro is not good enough for serious video or audio production. My composers and video/FX producers all cling to there old Mac Pro towers as moving to the trash-can and using Thunderbolt not only will reduce speed but mostly will be an extremely expensive transition. I am not interested in FCP X. Apple managed to screw it all up really well.

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                                RjL190365 Level 5

                                The problem with those old Mac Pro towers is that they're of even older hardware generations than the "trash-can" style models. The newest of those old Mac Pro towers have clung to first-generation Nehalem and Westmere hardware and slow (by today's standards) external connections, while some of those old Mac Pro towers that are still in use date all the way back to the Woodcrest generation (early Conroe Core 2 Duo). In fact, I can dare say that those old towers are now obsolete (meaning that they will receive no further support from Apple).

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                                  jasonvp Level 3

                                  siteminderUX wrote:


                                  Before 'sorernding' to a Windows (cough) machine does anyone here use Mac Pro (trash can) for video editing/ after effect/ sound? or is it a waste of money?

                                  I really wanted to love the new Mac Pro and went all-in with it, back when it was first released.  I chose the 8-core, D700 cards, and upgraded the memory on my own (DDR4, not DDR3...).  I then grabbed 2 new 4-bay Thunderbolt RAID enclosures for editing storage.  Everything mostly... worked.  But slowly.  Then Apple would randomly patch OS X and Premiere would stop working properly.


                                  I prefer OS X over Windows.  I need a UNIX underpinning to my OS; I must have a UNIX-based CLI available to me immediately, and OS X offers that, all while still letting me run my commercial applications natively.  These are all good things.  But with the constant "ninja patches" Apple pulls that inevitably muck up Adobe's software, I decided that I was done with Apple, the Mac, and OS X for my editing rig.  Bear in mind: I still prefer OS X over Windows, and use it for all my surfing, email, real work, etc.  But it was time to move on WRT editing.


                                  Windows 10 sucks the least of the versions of Windows.  It really does perform superior to all of the previous ones, specially with all of the latest drivers, etc.  I have a very expensive PC built up to do both video gaming and editing; once that was done, I sold the Mac Pro along with the Thunderbolt enclosures.  The difference in speed is ridiculous, and for the most part the Adobe software just works on Windows.

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                                    I'm in the same boat. Was looking to finally upgrade from my 2012 Mac with 3.4ghz quad core, but the new trash can macs look short on power and over priced. Worried about all extra storage needing to be off board through cables.


                                    As mentioned above, a new Intel i7 on a custom build Windows machine, with the new pascal Nvidia cards, that will actually work with Adobe AE, plus much faster board and ram speeds. Apple has been weak with their power computing I would say...love the OS, sort of, but lacking power.


                                    I can spec a top level i7, top card, top 64GB ram, tons of internal ssd storage, and still be at or below a paltry looking mac. Now if only Windows OS didn't suck...but the Mac OS is getting a bit too pretty these days.



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                                      RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                                      as others have pointed out, the i7's overclocked to 4ghz+ offer the best performance with adobe's software, this is due to poor programing done by adobe.


                                      some folks are using hackintosh builds to avoid windows and still get the custom pc benefits. the 4 core i7 builds are pretty easy i guess, while x99 hackintosh is more difficult. however that still leaves the mac-os and adobe software problems.


                                      perhaps apple is holding off for skylake-ep and amd vega for a refresh? that might put it somewhere around q2 2017. if they wait for those parts to be tested or a second gen to flush out hardware issues, it could be even longer. whenever a refresh does come out, it will probably still have lower clock speed cpu's and limited upgrade-ability.

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                                        siteminderUX Level 1

                                        In short, it sucks to be a pro these days.