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    Redo Bug

    CoryThorpe Level 1

      I noticed a bug in one of my projects where I did the following sequence of events, and it caused a group of objects to completely disappear.


      1. Group 1 cmd-shift-] (to bring to front)
      2. Group 2 cmd-shift-] (to bring to front)
      3. cmd-z to undo the last bring to front
      4. cmd-shift-z to redo the last bring to front


      This caused group 2 to completely disappear. Luckily I hadn't saved so I closed the project and brought the group back. I tried this on a new project using groups of shapes and I was unable to replicate this bug. I also tried copying just the 1 affected artboard into a new project and was unable to replicate this bug. How can I extract information about this bug to send to the developers?

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          nj3 Adobe Employee

          Hi Cory,


          Sorry you ran into this issue!


          It's possible that there's relevant information in your Mac log that could help us diagnose this.


          • Use Spotlight to bring up Console.app (or open it from /Applications/Utilities)
          • Click on "All Messages" under "System Log Queries" at the top of the list on the left, then type "Adobe XD" into the search bar at the top right
          • If the time when this occurred was more than a few hours ago, you might have to click on the "Earlier" button at the bottom of the window to find relevant log messages.


          If you can figure out roughly what time window the problem occurred in, select and copy any log messages from around that time, then paste them here.





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            CoryThorpe Level 1

            Hey nj, here's my log info:



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              nj3 Adobe Employee

              Hi Cory,


              Thanks, that log info you pasted is extremely helpful (we snipped it out to keep the thread readable ).


              I'll follow up with you privately with a few more questions. Thanks!