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    Latest Opinions for Adobe CC Drive Setup. Drive Setup Nuances between After Effects and Premiere, Please Advise.

    Forest Hightower

      I have a setup with Programs / OS drive Samsung m.2

      A Faster Samsung Pro SSD that is 1tb

      A Reasonably Fast Intel Raid 0 Setup of Mushkin SSDs total of 1.81TB (2 x 1 TB) (it is faster because of the successful Raid 0 setup)

      A slower Same Mushkin Single 1TB SSD


      I have been reading tweaker page articles as well. My main focuses will be for After Effects and Adobe Premiere apps and about to install Adobe CC for the first time.

      In terms of Drive setup, mainly for these apps, what would be your latest opinions?

      After making Intel Raid 0 of 2 Mushkin drives, I am planning to make that 1.81TB sized Drive as for 'Media' any footage I capture / bring in to work with After Effects and Premiere.


      The Adobe Apps will be installed on the OS/Programs Samsung m.2 drive. As most of the people suggest this.


      My questions is difference between the usage of Adobe Premiere vs After Effects and with that how should I arrange Scratch Disks, and Preview files in each apps to arrange with my setup above. Would like to add for my Backup of projects I work, I have various usb 3.0 external HDs which at this stage should be sufficient.


      I am a beginner when it comes to arranging my own computer for the first time, I have used others for a while, so I may sound foolish, but I would really appreciate your latest opinions for my setup.


      Thank you in advance!

      My system is Win 10, 64GB Ram, CPU i7-5960x, x99 motherboard with 980ti GPU