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    can't sign in to a different app on a third computer

    carol mcgann

      I have a Creative Cloud subscription, and have Dreamweaver CC2015 installed on computer #1. I have Dreamweaver CS6 (not a part of the CC subscription) installed on computers #2 and #3. I cannot now start ANY of these apps without getting the message about "you can only have 2 sign-ins" and "sign out on one of them" (not verbatim, the message is not open right now). This feels like not being able to open, for example, Photoshop, because I have Dreamweaver open! DW CS6 is not part of the CC subscription, it's an entirely different app, bought and paid for. I do have the Creative Cloud desktop app installed on two of these computers (#1 and #2) but there seems to be no way to sign out of that if it counts toward the two sign-ins, and I can't even uninstall it on computer #2 because it says there are programs there that need it; NO creative cloud programs except the desktop app are installed on that computer. Any help?