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    When do you need to provide photo credit?


      I am making websites for a portfolio as I get started in web design.  I'm inventing fictional businesses/people and making websites as though for those businesses.  (Examples would be things like a cupcake bakery, a veterinarian, a violinist advertising for lessons, a wedding website for a fake couple.  They're all inoffensive, and all made up out of my head.)  I hope to have created many of these before I'm done, and have most or all of them displayed on my personal portfolio site.  Their purpose is to show my web skills so that I can get a job, or freelance work.


      I am trying to get a definition of when I need to provide a photo credit. 


      This document says you need one for use of images in editorial articles or social media. Common Questions, Adobe Stock  


      Earlier today, I asked someone if posting mockups of a website I am making using Stock images on my blog counted as "editorial."  The answer I got suggested that posting to my blog was actually social media.  This seems like pushing the definition of social media a little bit -- I'm not posting anything to Twitter or Facebook, for instance, and the blog is self-hosted (but even if it were WordPress or something, would that be social media?)


      I'm so confused, and I really need someone to answer this question with some detail, rather than simply point me back to the same document or the Adobe Extended Terms.  Does my blog really count as social media?  When I finish a photo mockup of a website I am making, and publish it on my blog, is that editorial?  If I do need citations, what format, and can they just be in one corner of the relevant image?


      Please help!


      Thank you,