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    InDesign CC Table of Contents - can't edit toc text without wiping out hyperlinks

    Chris Panny Level 1

      I am working on a TOC for an ePUB I made. The TOC is being used for the ePUB reader navigation and it's also appearing in the body of the book. One of the problems I'm having is the text always comes out in uppercase for the TOC that appears in the book. The TOC Body Text style that is generated by default isn't set to uppercase, so I don't know why this is happening.


      I opened the Story Editor and tried to manually change the type to lower case, one character at a time, but I'm getting some unpredictable results. Namely, if I place the cursor to the left of an uppercase character and hit the delete key, I notice some of the entries below this will lose their opening and closing hyperlink markers. Yet, if I place the cursor to the right of the same character and press backspace, I don't lose my other hyperlinks. Why does this happen? I thought that I should be able to add/delete any text I want, so long as it's between the opening and closing hyperlink markers.