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    Selection tool auto scaling


      I'm an in-house graphic designer and yesterday, we got switched from PC to a Surface Pro 4.  I started working on a project this morning and noticed a strange (and highly annoying) quirk with the selection tool.


      When I used to place an image in InDesign, I could drag the handles on the content box/frame and the image inside wouldn't be affected (eg, if I placed a a photo of a tree and a house {where the tree was on the right, house on the left}, I could grab the left handle, slide it across to make the frame narrower to only show the tree but the image would remain the same size).  Now, when I drag a corner/side, the entire image scales.  Not only does it scale but the content within moves.


      I'm working on the same version of InDesign as I was when I was on the PC yesterday and I'm definitely using the selection tool (black arrow). 


      Has anyone else encountered this?  Is this something that's happened because of the switch to the Surface Pro?  Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is a very annoying problem.