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    when creating TOC, objects detached from master pages reapear

    Rose Kafka

      I have fancy chapter openers that appear on master pages.  When I work on that chapter, I detach them to do individual changes to them.


      Mysteriously, once I generate the TOC, these master page items that were detached reapear.  Meaning I now on each page two sets of items: the once that I detached and made changes to from the masters, AND all the ones that are on master pages.

      The TOC looks great.


      Obviously, the chapter openers have styles that I selected as something that should appear in the TOC.  But why would the TOC generator place the master page items on pages again, after they been detached, I don't get.


      The only thing I can think of doing is deleting all the objects from the masters, which seems kind of stupid since I might need them in the future.