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    Lightroom 6 printing blanks


      I can prepare an image to print but when I press print and the printer busy job panel appears to show what the printer is working on, the thumbnail is a white rectangle with letters at the bottom, which I think are 'rnr'


      I use a Canon IP7250 printer.


      The printer ejects a single blank sheet of paper and that's it.


      If I export the edited image from Lightroom and open it in Preview (I'm on a Mac) and print it all is well. Even the job list thumbnail is there. I have no problem printing from any other application.


      This suggests it is a problem in Lightroom.


      I have reinstalled LR, deleted its plist and pulled my hair out, to no avail.


      Can I be the only person in the world to whom this is happening?


      Thanks in advance for all suggestions.