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    Frustrations with Adobe Stock "Customer Service"


      This post has been created out of desperation as their really seems to be no other outlet for support when dealing with Adobe Stock. I am situated in Melbourne, Australia and the only means of contacting the support department for Adobe Stock is by way of the "instant messaging" service.  However, to date I have spent over 6 hours repeating myself and my issues to customer service staff that a) do not understand what I am talking about b) only provide scripted answers to my questions and c) bounce me around to other customer service agents who eventually tell me that my issue has been escalated, there is nothing further they can help me with and I will be contact via email within 2-3 working days. Then when I do receive an email a week later it has nothing to do with my issue and the process begins again.


      Please help. I have been a customer of Adobe Software Products for well over 10 years and I do not feel as though this is the level of support I should be receiving from your company.


      Here is a brief history of my issue. If someone could be of further assistance to me it would be greatly appreciated.

      - I was a subscriber to the Dollar Photo Club before it was acquired by Adobe and really like the service the provided.

      - When my subscription with DPC ended I took up the offer of "your first month for free" with Adobe Stock as it seemed to be the next best offering for stock photography.

      - In my first month of using this service I used all of the 10 images available to my subscription and was looking to purchase more. Previously when using the DPC service you you nominate an amount of credits you required to add to your subscription (after you monthly allowance was exhausted) and purchase which was fantastic. I use a lot of stock photography so this was common place for me. However, after using all of the images allocated to me via my Adobe stock subscription I could not add extra credit to my account and only purchase images one by one. Which would be fine however since I am in Australia, I would be charged an international transaction fee for every image purchased over my allowance which to me is madness and where my interaction with the Adobe Stock customer service began..

      - After taking a lot of time to explain my situation to the service representative and still not getting anywhere as it seemed like adding additional credit was not a feature that Adobe Stock has on offer, I was informed that if I had previously been a subscriber to DPC I was entitled to a discounted monthly subscription. As I had signed up to Adobe Stock with a different email address from my DPC membership this offer was applied to my account.

      - I specifically asked, if I was able to transfer my account over the same login as my old DPC membership to take advantage of this offer and was told "NO", I would have to create a new account based on the same login information as the old DPC membership and cancel my existing membership. I also specifically asked that as I am going to remain a customer to Adobe Stock, would I incur any sort of cancellation fees? I was told "NO".

      - So, I did as suggested, created a new Adobe Stock subscription based on the same login information as my old DPC membership and low and behold I was able to take advantage of a lower monthly subscription. fantastic news.

      - Then I cancelled the original Adobe Stock membership I created without a problem until I noticed I had been charged a $180 membership cancellation fee!

      - I have now spent a hour upon hour trying to talk to someone about the fact I was told I would not incurr this fee and that due to the fact i am continuing my subscription with Adobe Stock just under a different user name I should not be liable for the cancellation fee but have had absolutely no luck. No one understands what I am trying to say, it takes up to 10 minutes in some cases just to receive a response via the "chat" portal and then eventually my issue is "escalated" and I will receive an email within 2-3 working days. This has happened twice and after a week I do receive correspondence from Adobe Stock but the email just says "Chris , we would like to inform you that you will be able to purchase AU$59.99/ month" which has absolutely nothing to do with my issue.


      Firstly, I do not feel as though I should have to pay the cancellation fee as I am actually continuing a membership with Adobe Stock and was informed that I woudnt be charged. If for what ever reason this has to be charged I would prefer that my subscription was re-instated and I saw out the year contract and effectively have 2 accounts rather than having to pay $180 for nothing!


      If someone, anyone... could please help me with this issue it would be greatly appreciated. Having the option to speak to someone who actually has a greater understanding of service related to this feature of Adobe products would be amazing. I realise that the it may not be the customer service representatives fault but Adobe Stock outsourcing their call center to India really is not helpful as the just do not seem to have any understanding of ther product other than the scripted information they have in front of them. I would be happy to wait for as long as it took just to speak to someone who had an actual understanding of my issue and to possibly gain some sort of resolution.


      Please help. This is should really be a very simple thing to sort out.


      Thanks in Advance