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    FTP problem with CS5.5 on two different Mac?


      I have Dreamweaver CS5.5 on my iMac OSX10.7.5  This the version I use all the time to upload to my Web Hosting site.

      I also have a Macbook at OSX 10.9.5  that I use when I travel. I also have loaded the same version of Dreamweaver, but I just CANNOT set it up to connect with my web hosting site. It says

      "To see file in your repository you must define its Version Control Settings"

      I tried to do so but without any success. I really need to be able to update my site when I am traveling and I have been unable to do it.


      I just recently purchased this new MacBook, I used to have an older MacBook  with a Macromedia version of Dreamweaver and had no problem.