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    Character Underlining




      Please see the images below!


      I have an A-Z graphic running at the top of a page, this is just text justified in a text box with an underline, I want to change the colour of the letters and underline when on the specific letter page which is easy but the underline does not center under the letter, it centers under the character 'block' (not sure what this is called)


      Is there a way of centering the character in the character block


      image 1 show how it is at the moment, image 2 show the highlighted character, image 3 is how I'd like it to look!



      Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 09.52.383 copy.png


      thanks in advance for any help




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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          That needs to be the specific font. My test give centered underlines. What font set are you using? What version of InDesign?

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            the_gravy Level 1



            thanks for the reply, I'm using the font Bariol Serif and i'm on InDesign CC 2015, I will try a different font , ideally I'd like to use this one though


            thanks again


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              the_gravy Level 1

              OK I've actually figured it out now, I had a load of tracking on the letters, when removed it sorted it out, thanks though

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                Obi-wan Kenobi Level 5

                I would use an anchored auto-resized text block for each letter using an auto-numbering para style!

                … and play with a para rule.

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                  [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

                  It's partially because the font is designed that way (the left hand side of the 'J' touches the font bounding box), and partially because you asked InDesign to do so

                  Usually, when you underline a single character, that's what you get. However, you also either added explicit tracking, or you forced the line to be fully justified. In both cases, extra space is added between the characters – 'attached' to the character. And Underlining is a pretty simple text attribute: a line of the width of its character.


                  Here is a diagram:




                  The top line is the normal situation - no added tracking, underline behaves as it should.

                  Second line: +175 tracking. Each character width gets expanded, and thus so does the underline.

                  Third line: Fully Justified. Since there are no spaces in the line, ID has no other choice but to widen each separate character.

                  Fourth line: the same text, but then with a single space between each character. Now you can underline just the "J" without getting side effects.

                  Fifth line: .. the same text, fully justified. The extra space is divided among the regular spaces, and the characters remain as wide as usual.

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                    the_gravy Level 1

                    Hi thanks


                    I just figured it out a few mins ago, it was some tracking i had on the text, I since removed that added the space and justified and all is now good





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                      fenjas29325284 Level 5

                      Edit: Oops, to late. You found out yourself.


                      Did you achieve the gaps per tracking?


                      Compare here (Bariol font)




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                        Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                        Good to know!