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    Crop marks for print

    goodtimefred Level 1


      making a nameabadge that will have a specific shape. How do i make the Crop marks for something custom?


      How do I make marks for the Print so they know how to cut it?


      Thanks a bunch/ Fred

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You add trim marks on the PDF you've created from InDesign - tick, in the Acrobat dialogue box, Use document bleed settings.

          Alternatively, if you need a cut-out shape, you need a forme-cutter guide - discuss it with your printer.

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            goodtimefred Level 1

            Thanks bud,


            but if i like to make i.e an cirkel in the doc that I want to be cut out so I can attache a keychain. How do i draw the cutmarks so the printer knows?


            Kind regards Fred

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              What you are describing is called a die-cut. If this is a custom shape, rather than a stock item from the printer, you will need to pay for the die that does the cutting in addition to the printing, and you will need to provide die lines on your file to show the die maker where to put the blades.


              Die lines are indicated using a spot color (call it die lines, but you can define it with any convenient color definition so it is clearly visible). If there is color leading to the trim, it must bleed outside the die lines, and the die lines must be set to overprint in the attributes panel. I would put the die lines on their own layer at the top of the stack.

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                Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

                I would print a copy on my desktop printer, make a mockup and show and discuss it with my printer.  I guess they would punch the hole.


                The name's Derek, not Bud.

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                  Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                  You need to ask the printer for his preference on this matter, but the following is how I proceed:


                  I create a layer in my document with the cut out form as a vector graphic. The form itself will get attributed a spot colour out-line (any colour will do the job, but generally I select a fancy very visible colour not being part of the colour code of the document like pink) in overprint (very important if you have bleed).


                  My final PDF to the printer will contain the cut-out as the spot colour (call it as of your and the printers liking) and the CMYK artwork.


                  Sometimes the printer asks me o send the cutout as a separate file. No problem with that. Export with only the cutout layer enabled.


                  The cut-out will be custom made and kept by the printer (if you ask for), so that subsequent print jobs will cost less, if you do not change the form.