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    stop importing duplicates?


      How do I stop LR CC from importing duplicates, even though I have "Do not import suspected duplicates" checked. I'm new to LR, converting from Aperture. I'm using a MBP with 2 external HDs, while on vacation in Europe. Importing from SD card, one HD for LR photos, the other for LR Backup during import. Each day I import 100 to 200 photos, and each day, LR import all the images on the SD card including all the previously imported photos (I do not erase the images from the SD card as I use them as additional backup). One other issue is that the standard "shift" command does not function. So I can not uncheck all the photos, then just select my new photos for that day. I use "copy as DNG" I import a Leica DNG image and its Jpeg image. Greatly appreciate your help.