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    Problem creating/sharing Movie Clip between documents - help please!!

    davedonutz Level 1

      Newbie still struggling to convert an animation into a movie clip for import into a "SlideShow" Presentation template.

      I know this is really basic stuff, but I've checked all the help files & a couple of books, and I still can't work out what I'm doing wrong. I'd be really grateful for any help. I'm using Flash 8 Pro / Windows XP.

      I've done the following:
      1)Highlighted all layers of all frames of my animation
      2)Edit>Timeline>Copy Frames
      3)Insert>New Symbol
      4) Ticked the MovieClip radio button, given it a name, and the newly created MC has appeared in the library, and also as a single frame / single layer nested within the original (multiple frames / multiple layers) animation which created it.
      5) When I run the nested single frame using Ctrl-Enter, the MC works. So far, so good....

      Now here's where I'm hitting a problem:

      1) I open a new Flash document , or one of the Flash Presentation templates.
      2) I open the Library from the previous animation, containing my newly created movie clip
      3) I create a blank keyframe in the new Flash document / presentation
      4) I drag the newly created MC from the library associated with my original animation (above) onto the stage of the new Flash document

      I just get a little circle with a cross-hair on the stage. :-(
      The Properties window confirms its an instance of my newly created movie clip, but its H(eight) and W(idth) are both zero, and give error message "Invalid Size and Position" if I try to change them to anything else...
      When I try to test the movie (Ctrl-Enter). Blank screen; no cigar......D'Oh!

      I've also tried creating the _MC as above, then saving and closing the original animation, opening a new flash document, and importing the _MC using the import to library command. Still no success....

      Am I doing something wrong in the way I'm transferring the clip between different libraries ?
      Why does the MC work when nested in the animation which created it, but not when I try to export it to a new animation ?

      Many thanks for your support and patience.