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    Can't use toolbox to format text. InDesign CS6.

      • When I’m using InDesign (CS6) I can’t go to the master pages no matter what I’ve tried to do. If I need to make changes there I have to go and use someone else's computer that also has InDesign on it.


      • When opening the file I have to double click on the file and then hold down Shift, Control, Alt in order to be able to use the arrow tools.


      • The only way I can format the text is to use the keyboard to change anything, eg. Control T to get the type control box. To change the font (have to use my arrow key to go through the list to get to the font I want) and then tab to the other fields in the control box to make changes.


      • To make changes to the paragraph styles I have to do the Control, Alt, T and tab to make those changes. If I click elsewhere on another paragraph I have to do the Control, Alt, T twice (once to get rid of it from the previous use and another time to be able to use it again, I have to do that with the type changes above too.)
      • I have removed InDesign and reinstalled it and it hasn't helped. I've also recreated my profile and that didn't help either.