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    Edit/crop PDF with in Browser window


      I have a workflow system that creates a  pdf file, which then requires that the PDF  be cropped. My system allows me to open that "in process" PDF with in a browser window from where i can access "some" acrobat DC tools. However i can not seem to find the crop tool from in the browser tools. It does not do me any good to download the pdf to edit it with in acrobat . Does anyone know how this could be accomplished?

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          Only a subset of features are available when a PDF file is viewed in the browser plug-in. There is nothing you can do about that - with the exception of writing your own Acrobat plug-in that creates a new crop function that will be shown in the browser.


          However, here is the problem with that: What will you do with the modified PDF file? When it's being displayed in the browser, it actually got downloaded to a temporary file on your computer. You cannot edit the version that is stored on the web server. The only way to get it back to the server would be via a forms submission of the whole PDF file, but you would have to provide the infrastructure to receive that file and then replace the original with the modified copy.