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    Lightroom CC Export to Same Folder

    Heirloom Bob Level 1

      I recently purchased a Sony a6000 and I am so happy with the jpg's it creates, that I have stopped RAW versions of each photo altogether. All, imports are to a date folder. I want to save the photo after a little editing, to the SAME folder but I am prompted that another photo with the same name exists and what do I want to do and in my case, I want "Use Unique Names". The workflow then is to go into Grid View and "X" the original jpg if a Uniquely Named version exists.


      Now what has prompted this workflow change? I used to import my RAW images to the same Date folders. I would edit them and then save a jpg them to a subfolder of the Date folder, in my case called JPG Export.That allowed me to go back after editing, to the RAW folder and "X" any RAW images that I had not edited. The problem now is that with the same workflow with my Sony, the original jpg is in the date folder but the edited jpg in the JPG Export folder both show when I view the Date folder and I can't tell which one is in the Date Folder and which the JPG Export folder because they both have the same file name.



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Remember that your JPEG file remains unchanged even after you have edited it. All of the changes are stored in the catalog. The image file itself remains untouched. So there really isn't a need to create another copy for editing. All you need to do is work on your original JPEG files. When you want to share one of those images that includes all of your Lightroom adjustments, just export a copy to share. After you have shared it or sent it to a lab to be printed, or what ever, that JPEG copy can be deleted. All you need are the original JPEG files.

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            Heirloom Bob Level 1

            Yes...but....I took a bunch of photos that I want to upload to facebook for example or instagram. I have to export a copy in order for my edits to be shown on the copy I upload.


            I realize that any edits I do are stored in the catalog but to upload, email a copy or to import the photo into inDesign, I need an exported version so my workflow is to edit the original and then export a copy from the get go.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Yes, I agree. So if you aren't using Lightroom to upload directly to Facebook then you need to export a copy for that purpose. If you upload directly from Lightroom, the uploaded copy will include your Lightroom adjustments. If you are exporting and then uploading, then the exported copy will include all of the Lightroom adjustments. You can manage Lightroom any way you want to. But the way I do it is that I work exclusively on my master images regardless of whether they are raw or JPEG. Of course, if I round trip to Photoshop then I have an additional file to deal with. But I export copies from either the original file or the one generated by Photoshop and use it to upload to Facebook, or send via e-mail, or sent to a lab for printing. Once I have used that exported copy for its intended purpose it's deleted. I don't need it anymore. I only want to keep my master images. If you feel more comfortable maintaining a lot of copies, then do so. It just seems to me that it complicates efficient file management.

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                robgendreau Level 3

                First, read up on publish options. You can publish (a sort of semi-synched direct export to say Facebook, Flickr and others) an image and as Jim said all the edits and adjustments are published. No need to mess with the file itself.


                Second, also look up smart objects. You've got CC so you could use a Lr to Ps to smart object workflow to InDesign. It might be easier than just exporting files to a folder.


                Third, as already noted when you exported from a RAW you took say a IMG1234.nef and exported IMG1234.jpg. Different files. Different names. No conflict. But what if you export a JPEG from IMG1234.jpg to IMG1234.jpg. OOPS. Can't do that. So you'd use a preset to rename them say Exported IMG1234.jpg or something. I'm not sure what you mean by "X"ed them. If that means you renamed them by adding an "x" that is possible to do in a preset. But note that you can also PUBLISH to a hard drive folder. So you could have say an "exported jpegs" folder (you can't point a publish service to the SAME folder). Since it's a different folder, it could have the SAME name. This is what many of us do for collections of images for say use by others on a common drive, for showing on TVs, etc etc.


                And where do you see those separate folders you mentioned? in Lr? Generally since adjustments, etc are stored in Lr there wouldn't be any point to reimport an exported JPEG. So perhaps I'm confused by the workflow.