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    Color palate


      What happened to the color picker? This new picker is a nice addition, but I spent a lot of time adding in my companies custom color palate and now its all gone with just the new picker. I dont want to have to reference the hex codes every time I want to use this.

      Can you add back the other options at least until I can connect to my Libraries?

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          jbowden Adobe Employee

          Hi Andrew,


          Sorry for the trouble. We had previously used Apple's color picker in earlier builds, and created a brand new color picker in response to customer feedback.


          As you may have already seen, it's possible to save swatches in the color picker in the latest preview build (see the illustration below):



          Regarding the swatches you had saved earlier, if you open Apple's Preview app or Microsoft Word, you should be able to access Apple's color picker and the swatches you saved earlier. From here, apply the color in the other app, and then it's a matter of using the XD eyedropper tool to get the swatch in the other app, and then save it as a swatch in XD. Or if you have access to your company's color palette in another app, you can do the same from there.


          One difference to note is that XD's color swatches are currently per-document, so you may want to set up a template document that has your color swatches for when you start work. We're working on ways to address this in a future release.




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            agentfarrell Level 1

            Hi Joe,

            thanks for your response. I did figure out that I can create color swatches, but honestly it didn't really help that it was document specific.


            I can understand moving away from Apples color picker, but can you enlighten me on the future of XD as far as this aspect goes.  Will we be able to connect to shared libraries? ( I think i saw something about libraries in a backlog document I saw online, and think this would be awesome. I have a lot of library data that i share out with our team and contract employees).


            I do have access to all our libraries and color palates, its my job to create them . I guess for now the best thing to do would be to set up a master document that I can start all projects from and distribute that to the team.


            On another note, I have to say that you guys effing rock, I have thoroughly enjoyed using XD since the day it was released. Theres no going back to that other app for me now! I look forward to every time I see the days I see the "Updates available" pop up in CC. Keep up the great work!


            thanks for your help,

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              jbowden Adobe Employee

              Hello Andrew,


              Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated.


              Yes, support for CC Libraries is on our roadmap, and this would be the workflow we envision for sharing colors (among other things) across teams. It's great to get validation that this is a desired feature for XD.


              Thanks again,


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                An easier way to recover your swatches may be to simply select elements in the document with the colors applied.

                Then, when clicking on fill or stroke as appropriate, the applied color mix will appear in the color palette tool.

                Then, simply click the plus sign in the color palette tool to add the swatch.

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                  It would be great to have the a set pallette so that if you wanted to change tone of the project you wouldn't have to go through each element...like a kind of 'find and replace'...but in a pallette...so, make all fills that are 'blue' - green.  Unless that exists in the latest version? (downloaded today, 6th June 2016)

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                    I'm a first time poster to these forums. I've tried tried to solve the problem of transferring color palettes by writing a simple python script that transfers palettes between files.


                    GitHub - JDragovich/xdPaletteImporter: a python script for transferring color palettes from one Adobe Experience design …


                    It'll be obsolete once Adobe creates an actual in app solution, but is a good stop gap until then.


                    Feel free to make pull requests against the repo.


                    Please be sure to back up any files that you use this script with.



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                      agentfarrell Level 1

                      Wow, thank you Joe. Very thoughtful of you.

                      I have gone ahead and made color swatch documents, and put them in a base UI file that I use to start my projects.