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    Filter for master photos for which a virtual copy exists


      Hi all,


      Is it possible to filter for master photos of which a virtual copy exists? I do not want the virtual copies themselves.



      I have 500 images in a folder. I made a virtual copy for 100 of these images. Since then, corrections have been done, keywords have been added, ... But only to the master photos. Now I want to apply all changes to the virtual copys too.

      I was thinking about this workflow:

           1. select master photos for which a virtual copy exists

           2. mark them (color label red for instance)

           3. delete all virtual copies

           4. filter for red marked photos

           5. select all and make new virtual copies

      The first step is my problem.


      Any ideas?

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think you can do that. Virtual copies are not actual files that are generated. They are simply metadata entries in the catalog that point to the same image. If you want the virtual copy to have all of the same adjustments as the original file, why do you need the virtual copy? Lightroom adjustments are stored in the catalog, not applied to the actual file. So the original image is virtually untouched by Lightroom. You can always restore the original image to its original imported state. The way I use Lightroom, I only create virtual copies when I want to have a variation of the original file.

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            Cumulocubus Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I'll try to explain why I need the virtual copies.


            When using Lightroom Mobile, I found myself accidentally unflagging pictures while browsing. When I delete all unflagged pictures on my pc, also those pictures are deleted.

            To avoid this problem with synced collections, I make a first collection with master photos but I do not sync this collection. Then I make virtual copies and put them in a second collection. It is the second collection that is synced. If a picture is unflagged in Mobile and later deleted, I can still recover it from the first collection.


            In relation with my first post, I first made both collections, then did all the changes on the masters and now I would like to update the collection with virtual copies.


            But now I am writing all this, I realise there is no problem anymore. The master photos for which a virtual copy exists, they are all in my first collection! The reason I did not see this earlier is because for the past weeks, I was working in a folder and not in a collection. In the folder there is a mix of masters and virtual copies. So this is solved!  


            But maybe there is a better way to avoid accidentally unflagging and deleting pictures in synced collections? So there is no need for double collections anymore?