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    Fillable form created in Acrobat XI Pro not working in Acrobat Reader for iPad


      I have created a fillable form using Acrobat XI Pro, Security is as shown.



      Saved As Other - Reader Extended PDF - Enable More Tools(filling in form fields etc....)


      But when I open it on the iPad, the form fields don't work.


      This form will be used until the end of time or the form changes........which ever occurs first.

      The form must be secured against the end users making any changes.

      They are only allowed to fill it out and sign it.


      And yes I've researched this extensively but no real answer except for remove the password.

      Yes that works, but the form is no longer secured against users making changes to the form.


      I guess I should say that the forms are used for reporting compliance with Federal Regulations, hence the need for security!!!


      Our company uses another vendors software for PDF form creation, but I said I need Acrobat to create the

      mobile fillable forms we need.


      I stuck up for you Adobe!!!!!


      Come on get with it!


      A very unhappy user,