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    Movie Clip problem

      I'm using an actionscript scrolling '3d' grid for a background in a flash file and I want to use it in another. Problem is, for the darndest reason, the script wouldn't work in my original file *but* I tweaked the sample file to get it to work, so I could use that, perhaps. Long story short (too late?) I would like to embed an .swf as a movie clip into another file so that the scrolling background will just play while other things are going on on different layers, but when I try to export the .swf from the scrolling field file, I don't get the working scripted behavior in the movie clip. I'm fairly new to Flash and would like to know if there is any way to fix this.

      The method I used to create the scrolling field is essentially what is described here: http://www.sitepoint.com/article/perspective-moving-effect

      Please help!