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    Indesign 2015 crashing repeatedly

    sandran59896269 Level 1

      Hi.  I am a very new user--have been a member of Adobe for all of one month.  I am working on a project for a curriculum writer and am not a designer--I'm very new to all of this, although I can build websites and things like that--not completely clueless.  Anyway, I was moving along okay and had had no problems and suddenly indesign is crashing when I try to move pages.  I have read every post and tried everything that I understand how to do but can't figure out how to change my preferences.  I have created new documents, exported to idml--although the other export option mentioned is not an option in my version apparently, I have re-booted and I am at my wit's end.  I have wasted hours on this and am getting really frustrated.  I have a new computer that is a Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series with 8 gig of RAM and a terabyte hard drive.  I am running Windows 8.1 but would gladly upgrade to Windows 10 if it would solve this.  Many of the posts I have read are years old and I am not sure what still applies.


      At first I could move pages but it stopped working today.  Like I said, I have renamed, exported and the like several times.  Once it worked but then it started crashing the next time I needed to move a page.  This is really slowing me down and I'm afraid I'm going to miss my deadline.  HELP!!