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    linking catelouge files to photo files

    snady#58 Level 1

      I had previously posted the following:


      I keep my photos on E drive


      It is backed up daily on F drive.


      I see the photos on E drive through explorer but they are not recognized when I open lightroom.


      I recently replaced my c drive.


      Perhaps when I used Lightroom yesterday, the program put the catalogue files on C drive, which may explain why nothing shows up in Lightroom on E drive, except the photos  I imported yesterday.


      I am not sure where the catalogue files were stored before the C drive crashed.  How can I tell?   All the photos appear to be in a catalogue, but it appears lightroom does not know where the bulk of it is.


      Is there a simple way to get everything back to where it was before?  Everything was put into folders marked by year and then into sub folders marked by date and location

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