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    Dynamic Link

    UQg Level 4

      Hi there.


      i have a CC subscription for AE only.

      My Dynamic Link manager is broken, and I have attempted to solve it by reinstalling every single Adobe app on my pc (After Effects, but also, Cloud, AME, ESTK, etc, and even Flash player...).

      I did it, i think, the right way: uninstall all, restart pc, run Adobe cleaner, restart pc again, then reinstall Cloud, AE, AME, etc.

      Still broken.


      What i observe:

      • If i send a comp from AE to AME using the menu command  "Add To Adobe Media Encode Queue...", if not running yet, AME is launched, but the comp is not added (no warning...).
      • If i click + drag the comp from the AE 'Project' panel to the AME 'Queue' panel, the comp is added to the AME queue, but when i attempt to encode it within AME, the "Connecting to Dynamic Link server..." animation plays for ever and nothing else happens.
      • The same annoying animation plays forever when trying to add an ae comp to AME from within AME (File>Add After Effects Composition).


      By annoying, i mean that there could be at least a beggining of a clue to tell why a connection can't be made.

      There are dozens of topics on the net on the same matter, many with dirty cooking solutions, trying this and that in complete darkness.

      It could be nice if the page https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/dynamic-link-effects.html contained a section about Resolving Dynamic link issues, especially gathering solutions that have proved to work.


      Three other things that might be of interest:

      1. In After Effects, File > Adobe Dynamic Link is greyed out.
      2. In the process tree (task manager), there is Adobe QT32 Server.exe *32, dynamiclinkmanager.exe *32, but no dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe
      3. My newly installed files (AE support files) all show a "last modified date" from december 2014... does this mean that the installer has digged out the old files instead of the just downloaded ones ??


      "Specs", if that matters :

      CC + AE + AME versions : CC 2014 (updated - AE version :, etc)

      No other CC app installed (such as Premiere)

      Window 7, Core i7 @3.40 Ghz, 16 MB Ram, system on SSD, rest on normal drives.


      Any suggestion welcomed.



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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What is the exact version number of AME that you're using?

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            UQg Level 4

            Hi Szalam, thank you for answering.


            AME : 2014.2 release, build number :

            AE : 2014.2 release, build number :


            Since i just reinstalled and instantly after installing i clicked the update button, i bet they are both the up-to-date versions for CC 2014.


            Could you tell me if it is normal that :

            (1) in AE, File > Adobe Dynamic Link is greyed out, and

            (2) there is no dynamiclinkmediaserver.exe running while i have AE running. From what i read elsewhere, that stuff should be there running too... I really don't know why it is not, since i've just made a fresh reinstall.



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              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              That is odd. Have you tried the CC 2015 releases yet?

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                UQg Level 4

                Not yet, but i cannot admit that this could be the issue. CC2014 is supposed to work fine.

                There is something reallly wrong on my pc that i can't fix / get rid of / god knows what.


                As a last resort i will reisntall the system itself, but i really dont want that.

                Clues appreciated!



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                  Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I've never had just AE installed on a system, so I don't have enough experience to offer many other clues.


                  As you say, CC 2014 should be working...


                  You can render out of AE's render queue into an intermediate format and then drop the resulting file into the Adobe Media Encoder to make your deliverable, right?


                  It's not a big deal to install AE CC 2015 alongside AE CC 2014. (Just make sure it doesn't remove your older versions; see this page.) Having both versions installed is actually the recommended practice anyway. Project files work interchangeably between the two versions, so things are very nice. I prefer to work in CC 2015 because it's snappier and more interactive and then I (often) open it and render in CC 2014 to use multiprocessing. However, if you're just sending it to AME, you might never need to open CC 2014 again!

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Forgot to mention, if you do try CC 2015, make sure you update AE CC 2105 to version 13.7.1! There were many critical bugs fixed from 13.5.0 until now.


                    If all else fails, and you really want to stick with CC 2014, I'd recommend contacting Adobe support.

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                      UQg Level 4

                      Thank you Szalam for considerations.


                      I think i'll go the Adobe support route, it is so wierd that a process is missing, probably not something that can be solved with tricks.