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    web capture, or append all links on page, not pdf'ing whole web pages


      I want to assemble a single pdf made up of content from about 80 separate articles in a Sharepoint Server 2013 wiki WITHOUT having to create 80 separate pdf's and assemble them.

      I tried using the Pro DC function -

      edit pdf>Link>Append all links on page

      which does create a single pdf using a list of several url addresses.


      However, the resulting pdf is no good, because the
      capture of each of the web pages only reproduced approximately the visible part
      of each of the web pages, and did not include in the pdf all the other material
      that a reader would see when scrolling down.


      When I added the url of an external website page to my list of links and recreated a single pdf
      via web capture, the resulting pdf did include all content of that external
      website page.


      Any ideas?? cheers!