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    Calling _root of a .exe

      I have a .exe I am running locally, and a server which hosts all of my .swf files. The .swf files are being loaded into a movieclip on the .exe named rVideo with _root.rVideo.loadMovie(" http://..."). When calling on objects in the loaded swf I have to use _root.rVideo.whatever since that swf is now part of rVideo. This worked great when I didnt use a .exe and ran it as a swf on the server. But ever since I created the .exe the swf ignores _root.rVideo.whatever. I can't access any object on loaded swf, whether it be _root.rVideo.stop();, play, so on. Is there something I am missing that I need to do since its a .exe? They work great when loaded into another swf so I know this has to be the problem. Thanks!,