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    Animate CC for a Browser Game?




      I'm new here. I have a job offering at at freelancer site.


      I recently came across Adobe Animate CC, and it looks like it could be a better alternative to using Canvas/SVG, since it offers support for mixing animations, text and audio/video, as well as export to different video formats.


      I would like to know, if this browser game could be done using Animate CC?


      Project description:


      Develop a simple browser game, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Canvas/SVG, or similar technology.


      The game consists of adding a visual/audio sound track and texts on top of a playing video. The user records the sounds and graphics in real-time using keyboard and mouse. After recording, he must be able to edit his audio/video track and add various texts.


      The result should be a new MP4, where the added graphics and audio is embedded on top of the original video.


      The technology used is up to the developer, as long as it is front-end, and the delivered code is readable, well-documented and can be used in a [url removed, login to view] MVC environment on the back-end.


      Skills/experience needed:

      - HTML5/CSS3

      - Canvas/SVG (suggestion)

      - JavaScript

      - Video/Audio

      - Game Development


      Detailed Project description, Wireframes/Mockups and Workflow diagram is available upon request.



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