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    Metadata tags creating markers

    e.d. Level 3



      I was wondering if there are any (preferably MXF) metadata tags that will be represented as markers when the file containing these is being imported to Premiere --- or is an XMP sidecar the only way to go here? The idea behind this is to (externally) consolidate the individual clips from a (flash) disk to a single file and have markers where the previously-single clips start.

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          Bruce Bullis Adobe Employee

          All markers, for all file types, are stored in XMP.



          Note: PPro stores XMP different places, for different file formats. However, if you use our get/setXMPMetadata() calls, your panel need not care where we save the metadata; it'll just work.


          How are you concatenating those multiple clips? Prelude can do that for you, as well.


          If your panel understands concatenating N little files into one large file, you can 'do the math' to create markers on the aggregated file, corresponding to where those markers would have been for the individual files.

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            e.d. Level 3

            Hi Bruce,

            I want to do this watchfolder-based using ffmpeg, so my shell script will need to take care of the math and put the xmp next to the concatenated file.

            Thanks for the info!