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    CHM Creation but topics viewable

      This may be me just being a complete idiot, which is fairly often, but I have imported a word document into RoboHelp and after fiddling around with images and postioning of text I tried to generate a HTML (CHM) output. It creates it ok but when i go to look at it the Books and topics are there but when i click on a topic the display screen on the right stays blank. When i print the page however, I can see the text. Please can someone help.
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          AuthorAnne Level 1
          Hi Pixie349 and welcome to the forum!

          Where is your CHM file stored? If it's on a network drive, you are a victim of a Microsoft security update. Move the file to your hard drive and try opening it from there.

          Let us know how you get on.

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            CraigCC Level 2
            Hi Pixie,

            Is the topic page just blank without an error message? How does the page look when you preview it directly in robohelp?

            Just a shot in the dark, but I do seem to recall this issue, not with a whole page showing up as blank, just portions of text that were imported from word. If you open up the topic in robohelp, click on the TrueCode tab and take a look at the underlying code. If I remember correctly, the problem was to do with some strange span codes that got pulled across from the word document making portions of the text white.....take a look at the code and see if you see any strange codes.

            Unfortunately, importing content from Word is a little problematic as Robohelp tries its best to interpret the Word source. If there are problems with the source, they just get pulled into the Robohelp topic. You have the choice of cleaning up the source before pulling it in or checking the code once the word content has been pulled in to Robohelp. For this reason, personally, I tend to avoid importing word content directly.

            Please post any code snippets if you have trouble working out what is causing the page to be blank..

            Kind Regards
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              Pixie349 Level 1
              Cheers guys I have sorted the problem. I copied the pages into a new file and they worked. How random, definately user eror.