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    Connection Going to Wrong URL

    lmcart.chst Level 1

      I've done this many times but this is the first time I've encountered this, and maybe you can help me. I created a connection to a user's Intranet webpage. Here are the steps we usually do:


      1. Connect to [Intranet URL]/Department/index.asp.

      2. For how do I want to connect, we choose Local/Network, and we put in the Department's network path in that field: \\networkpath\Department\

      3. We fill out person's name and email address fields.

      4. We choose Administrator.

      5. Done.


      This will usually finish the connection for the user and she can work on her pages. However, after we finish the set up, instead of the connection pointing to the index.asp, it points to a different path of the Intranet site: [Intranet URL]/Documents/worddoc.doc and this document doesn't even exist.


      Very unusual and I've searched everywhere I can think of to find out why it's pointing to that path. Any help you can provide is appreciated!