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      When I publish my flash sites and projects in Flash CS4 instead of writing the AC_RunActiveContent.js file like it had done before, flash is putting all of the Javascript code in my html file. So the when I upload my pages to the server I get the old "click to activate control" message in Opera and sometimes in IE.

      Is this something new in CS4 to write all of the JS in the html file?

      Please do not redirect me to the "Click to Activate" posts on Google Groups.

      I am using Windows XP Pro.
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          Walter Elias Level 2
          Wow, you're right. That's pretty bizarre. It's even more bizarre, considering that Dreamweaver CS4 now exports swfobject instead of the older AC_RunActiveContent when you drop in a SWF. Obviously the integration of CS4 apps does not include the integration of Adobe's Flash programming unit talking to the Dreamweaver programmers.

          The Flash programmers probably did this because way too many people never caught on to the fact that they need to upload the javascript file to the server when they put up their SWF and HTML files.

          But it's not very useful as it now is. I think you should make an official bug report or support case about this.
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            BrockW Level 1
            I have an open case with support asking about this...

            It would be fine if it worked, but it doesn't, so now the "Click to activate" messages have reappeared in browsers.

            I do use Dreamweaver for somethings but to assume everyone does is not realistic. I really like Adobe products but they are not the end all of the design/ web development world.
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              BrockW Level 1
              This is the answer I received from support:

              Flash CS4 no longer publishes the AC_RunActiveContent.js becuase that
              issue has been resolve now with the Active X. You can refer to the
              documentation below:

              Active Content Developer Center

              As of the October 15, 2008 release of Flash Player 10, Adobe recommends
              that developers use SWFObject2 for Flash Player detection

              SWF Object

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                BrockW Level 1
                P.S. Just to note though they say it is the answer... My opinion is though they provide documentation finding the info was a real pain, had to wait for a response from support to find it.