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    Client Images in LR5.7 won't link to source folder

    Mo Baig Images

      Hi all,


      I've been driven here in my desperation over two groups of client images.


      I rearranged the folder structure on the hard disk and remapped all my LR client images to the new folder locations.  All has gone smoothly bar two recent client jobs - one edited, one I've just started editing.


      Here's the issue, taking the photos for client "LSCC":


      1. The file structure on my external hard drive:



      As you can see, both NEF and XMP files are where they're supposed to be on the external Hard Disk E.


      2. In LR5.7 however, the images are in the "Clients 2016" root folder and there is no dedicated "LSCC" sub-folder under "clients 2016":


      The images all have the exclamation mark, showing that LR cannot find the missing images.


      3. When I try and re-import the sub-folder "LSCC" (and therefore the original files) into Clients 2016, the images in the import window are greyed out:


      I am therefore, unable to re-import them  - when I hover over any image, a window pops up informing me that "This appears to be a duplicate of another photo already in the catalog"


      I am having exactly the same issues with the client folder "20160507 Neesa Enagagement" - that's even more worrying as it's an angagement party which I'm in the midst of editing.


      I need to create "LSCC" and "20160507 Neesa Engagement" subfolders under "Clients 2016" in LR, see the appropriate images in each and retain the edits I've already done.


      As LR won;t let me create the two client subfolders under "Clients 2016", I can't highlight and drag the images to where I want them to be.


      I am way out of my depth here and would be hugely appreciative for any timely help offered.


      Is there any way to do what I need and retain the edits already made?


      Or do I need to start both from scratch (and lose the edits to over 400 images)?


      Please let me know if you need any more info from me.


      Many thanks, DD