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    Filming with portal VFX


      So I’m creating a portal short film, I’ve linked examples below.


      However I’m not sure about all the shots I would need to have if I wanted to show someone running through a portal and out the other side (I would not show both portals on the screen at once, as shown in the two examples above). Would these be all the shots I need?

      • Shot where the character acts as if they are entering the portal, then another shot where they exit the portal
      • Shot of nothing to use as a background plate

      Or is it necessary that I capture a shot of me in motion in front of a green screen as well?

      Cheers, hope what I said wasn’t too confusing.
      If you are still confused, basically all I want to know is how would I display someone jumping out of a portal like in the videos I linked.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          There's no "one fits all" recipe. It all depends on how the actual shots are setup. Acting live on set and shooting clean plates is an option as is working with greenscreen or any combination of the techniques. Even full 3D generated sets could be an option. Really depends too much on the specifics of your location, whether or not you use locked cameras, the tools you have at hand in post.