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    How to let users pan around an interactive floor plan


      Hi there!

      I am creating a tutorial in Captivate, but one of the sections includes a floor plan showing the users where certain things are found by looking at their building floor plans.

      The PDF image I have is too large to show as a static image, so I had the idea of letting the user select where & to they want to navigate & let them zoom into the image & pan around showing them further detail that is lost when zoomed for the benefit of showing the whole floor plan on the screen.


      So to summarise, I would like to do the following -

      Create a 'To' & 'From' input box that will then draw a route (which I would need to draw as it would need to avoid walls etc...)

      Both before or after inputting the data & displaying the paths, allow the user to zoom & pan around the floor plan so they can clearly see where the route is.


      Hopefully someone can help with this.  I don't really have a clue where to start!!


      A massive thanks in advance.