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    Spacing between multiple text boxes pending the leading


      Hello, I think I'm more or less on the right track with how I want to lay out this design, but I have a question regarding how the text boxes are vertically spaced. Here is my document:




      I want the text to wrap the png of the floor plan I have inserted. When the text gets close to the edge of the png, obviously the text goes on the next line. To achieve this effect (not sure if this was the most effective method) I created a new text box to create a new alignment by clicking the red plus box at the end of the box so that the text continues. Clearly a novice here.


      My concern is the spacing between each of these boxes pending the leading of the entirety of the text. My leading is set at 26 pt, but I've manually spaced the second and third text boxes to match the overall leading.


      If I were to change the leading, I would have to manually adjust the box spacing again.


      Is this the right/only way to go about what I am looking to achieve? Thanks in advance.