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    Error: "There's a problem with your last payment. Please update your payment details."


      I have a CC subscription since April 2016 here in germany. I pay a monthly fee via Paypal. Every month the subscription fee is supposed to transfer to Adobe.


      On May 21st, I received an email from Adobe stating that there was a problem with my selected method of payment.


      Visiting accounts.adobe.com I saw this:



      Even though there's an entry on the bottom right saying a bill has been created on May 21st, there is no entry on the paypal website saying that the money has been sent.


      In the red panel it says (in german), "Error! There was a problem with your last payment. Update your payment details to continue your service."


      I clicked on that blue link ("Update your payment details"). Then I was asked to fill a form (name, address, etc.).


      Then this window pops up:



      It says, "we couldn't verify your address..." etc.


      On the bottom there are two entries that say, "your entry" (on the left side), "suggested address" (on the right side).


      I chose the suggested address, then it put me back to accounts.adobe.com and it seemed to work as the red error message panel was gone.


      But refreshing the website the red error message panel came back, so nothing was fixed.


      What's going wrong?