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    ftp export glitch?

    rugfoot Level 1

      Is this a glitch in LR? It has caused me one major headache and a very annoyed client.


      I want to create a new ftp export destination, so I click on the Export button, then go to ftp server at the bottom on this dialogue box. I click Edit... and get a new dialogue box "Configure ftp file transfer" where I see the details for an existing preset, let's call it Client 1. I drop down the preset menu and choose "Save current settings as new preset...". I give it a name, say Client 2, enter the new details and click OK. My new preset, Client 2, now appears in the preset. However, if I check the settings for Client 2, they are in fact for Client 1. The new details for Client 2 have not saved.  


      What's going on here and how do I add a new ftp destination?