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    Wrong alphabetical order in index


      Dear community,


      I am using ID CS6.

      I seem to have discovered a reproducable error considering the order of names in index sheets.


      When I set index marks for the names

      • Anton Hein
      • Martin Hein
      • Johannes Heindl

      they will be sorted this way:

      1. Hein, Anton
      2. Heindl, Johannes
      3. Hein, Martin

      which is obviously incorrect. The order should rather be 1,3,2.


      I think the problem is that spaces between first and last name are being ignored:

      The names "Smith, John" is being treated like "Smithjohn".

      Of corse, I can force ID to sort correctly by using the "sort by"-field. But why should that be necessary?

      Names are usually sorted by LAST NAME and only if they're the same you look on the FIRST NAME. Word by word instead of letter by letter.

      Is there really no feature that provides the "word by word-order"  without interfering manually?


      Thank you in advance!