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    InDesign 2015 v print setup crash on Windows 8 or later


      InDesign crashes every time I try to access the Print>Setup>[printer name] Preferences dialog for our main Fiery printers. Every. Time.


      "A problem has caused InDesign CC 2015 to stop working". This is new behavior after I got a Windows 10 machine.


      Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit - brand new build

      InDesign v - brand new install

      Printer Konica Minolta BizHub with Fiery RIP, driver Fiery PRO80 70-60C-KM PS Color Server 1.0.


      On my previous Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit machine, running the same version of InDesign, I had a number of InDesign print presets that utilized the printer options under the print setup dialog. They worked great. As soon as I got my new computer, the crashing started.


      Tested on Windows 7 machine, ID - NO crash

      Tested on Windows 8 machine, ID - same crash.

      Tested on Windows 10 machine, ID - same crash.

      Tested on Windows 10 machine, ID to non-Fiery printer - NO crash.


      It seems to be the combination of Windows 8 or later, InDesign, and Fiery driver.


      I have tried not using the print preset and just clicking Setup - same crash.

      I have trashed my preferences. I have uninstalled and reinstalled InDesign. Same crash.

      I don't have access to update the Fiery drivers, as they are on a network print server, but since it is working with a Windows 7 machine, I don't know if it will help. I have a request in to my company HelpDesk to try that next.


      Please help!