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    RH 2015 image maps & links stop working

    Auntie Em-Pam

      Hi again,

      I have created several user centre pages that all include a banner at the top of the page with several buttons designed into the banner (so the banners are all one graphic created in Photoshop). For each banner image I have incorporated 5 image maps. I am wondering if there is a limit to the number of image maps I can put on one image?

      The issue is that I have to keep re-applying the link for the image maps because they stop working (when I Preview and when I generate).

      Also, on some of my pages I have a list of text hyperlinks - and some of these links just keep dropping out and I have to keep re-applying.

      Can someone please tell me how to rectify this issue? Did I miss another bug fix release from Adobe perhaps?